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The Change It podcast

We talk with the movers and shakers of change
bringing blue skies to fruition

The Change It difference

Change It is led by recruitment specialist Eloise Seidelin, who brings a decade of experience in recruiting and matching the best talent for change, strategy, organisational design, learning, and communication roles.

Our focus is ensuring the right people connect with the right roles. We are amongst the first in Australia to establish and specialise in recruiting for change, organisational design, L&D and comms. With a background in coaching, we pride ourselves on getting to know candidates and clients to create dynamic and culturally aligned matches.

We work with integrity and authenticity because our purpose is you. Relationships aren’t transactions, it’s the way we make people feel that puts us above the rest.

Our success to date has hinged on working with people to find them opportunities that they will thrive in, within organisations that will prosper from their experience - a positive recruiting experience.

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Our values


We are honest: we seek it, provide it and give feedback to you in real time


We coach proactively to be the best version of you


We will only connect you with roles that align with who you are


We connect you with the right people, expanding your school of thought

Market Leading Research

We are ahead of the curve and honest about where the market is heading

Face to face

Our preference will be and always has been to meet you face to face

Latest opportunities

Change Manager Fixed Term Contract - Immediate Start
Purpose Lead Industry

Fixed Term Change Manager role

Sydney CBD
Change Management
Senior Change Manager- Contract

Senior Change Manager - Technology

Change Management
Change Lead
Heavy Industry

Technology Change

Change Management

Looking to hire?

Find people that drive transformation. Unlock talent that helps your business to thrive.

We have a range of Talent Services to cater to your workforce requirements, we are well placed to help. Recruit for now and the future.

We go above and beyond to drive change with the right skills and people.

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